Leave Cancer in the Dust:
50 Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer and Supercharge Your Health

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This book teaches you LOADS of tools to prevent breast cancer and improve your health in ways you never dreamed possible!


Nowadays, breast cancer affects approximately 1 in 8 women. But you don’t have to wait around for it to happen to you. There are things you can do, today, to decrease your chances of developing the disease.

This informative book will help you.

But that’s not all. This book isn’t just about cancer. In addition to telling breast cancer “No way. You’re not welcome here,” the things you’ll learn will help you:

  • Look better – Your skin will glow!
  • Feel better – Your immune system will wake up and smell the coffee!
  • Have more energy – No more mid-morning or mid-afternoon crashes!
  • Improve your state of mind – You’ll sleep like a baby!


In other words, these ideas will improve your life. In this book you’ll learn about:

  • 25 foods that nourish your body and significantly lower your risk of breast cancer,
  • 15 ways to reduce your exposure to dangerous foods, chemicals, and environmental factors that increase your risk of breast cancer and damage your health in other ways,
  • 5 tips to “shake your booty” and help your body reap the rewards of physical activity, and
  • 5 practices to quiet your mind, reduce stress, and find your bliss.


You’ll also receive 5 bonus detoxification tips to give your body a boost in getting rid of the nasty toxins it’s exposed to every day.

Most important, get ready to discover ways to safely and easily incorporate these 50+ ideas into your life with a variety of tips, tricks and delicious recipes.


What People Are Saying



“AMAZING book! Kris’s book flows really well, has a clean look, and is packed full of awesome data, information, and humor. It’s is also easy to read and the tips are totally doable. I can tell she put her heart and soul into it.”

Brent Drever, Founder & CEO, Acuity Institute


“WOW! Amazing. It has a lot of helpful hints, and I appreciate that so much of it is backed up with research findings.”

Sue F., Casting for Recovery Volunteer Fly Fishing Instructor


“My mom finished your book and loved it!  She said it felt like a friend giving EXCELLENT advice.”

Eva L., Las Vegas


“I loved it and learned a lot. What an incredible wealth of information. At $14.95, it’s a bargain!”

Melissa O., New York City


All of this is included in a 120-page, fun-to-read and beautifully designed book!

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