The Power of The Vail Diet

The Vail Diet isn’t only a diet; it’s a lifestyle inspired by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. It’s never based on extremes—except this one: NO processed junk food. At all. Ever. That needs to GO!

The Vail Diet guides you to:



  • Eat real, whole foods. You know, the ones your great-grandmother would recognize. Check the ingredient list of any food you’re about to buy. If it contains chemicals not normally found in a healthy kitchen (or any kitchen!), don’t buy it.
  • Eat lots of plants. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds are all great for your heath. Just when you think you have had enough veggies, eat another carrot!
  • Eat a wide variety of herbs and spices. It is doubtful experts will ever discover one food that prevents most cancers. But if that ever happens, it very well may be something in your spice rack.
  • Cut back on meat. Think of meat as a side dish or for flavoring only. While the debate about whether we should eat meat rages on, reduced consumption is definitely better for the health of our planet.
  • Cut back on dairy. Of all forms of animal protein, dairy is the one with the strongest reputation for being linked to several different types of cancer. Not only that, humans are the only mammals to drink milk after they stop nursing and the only mammals to drink milk from another species.
  • Cut way back on refined sugar, refined flour and processed foods. Sugar consumption is linked to cancer and other nasty diseases, yet we find it in everything. Sugar can be a master of disguise that goes by several aliases such as corn syrup, cane juice, molasses, and just about any word ending in “ose”. Learn about these pretenders so you know what to look out for!
  • Eat consciously and select quality. Think about what you are eating. It sounds simple, but who actually does it? Whatever you do choose to eat, make it the best possible version you can find and afford.



  • Move your body every day. You don’t need to hit the gym to work out a sweat. Walk,dance, do good ole calisthenics. Just move!



  • Mind your environment. These days, dangerous chemicals are everywhere – in the air you breathe, the water you drink and the products you put on your body. Reduce your body’s chemical load by switching to cleaner and greener products in your home, and filtering your drinking and bath water.



  • Start a spiritual practice. Whether you prefer to attend religious services, meditate, do yoga or simply take a walk in the woods, do something every day to feed your spirit.


Following these guidelines may not solve every health issue you have. But by starting with The Vail Diet, you can be assured you’ll make powerful discoveries about your health and wellness!


Not ready to jump in with both feet yet? Do the best you can and use these handy-dandy, trail signs for The Vail Diet tips sprinkled throughout the site:


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Start at beginner and work your way up. As with anything, it gets easier with practice!


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