Power Up Your Performance Rocky Mountain Style

Do you recall the old adage “you are what you eat”? Well, it’s true that what you eat factors into how well you perform.

Just as quality in cars comes from what they’re made of, your body is constructed from what you eat. How can you ensure it’s made up of top-notch, high-quality ingredients? After all, wouldn’t you rather be a Ferrari than a Pinto?

Welcome to The Vail Diet—a fun, delicious, rewarding way to ensure your body is as high-powered and fine-tuned as that high-performance Italian sportscar!

Inspired by the Colorado Rocky Mountain lifestyle, this website is devoted to powering up your nutrition, health, and wellness to achieve your own top performance.


Extreme Moderation?!

How can something be both outrageous and middle of the road at the same time?


Well, hear me out!


I dislike extremes in many arenas—politics, fashion, diets—to name a few. By definition, extremes leave no room for compromise; they relish in conflict. If you’re like me, extremes go against a deep internal need to avoid confrontation.

Take diets, for example. The Extreme spectrum goes from raw vegan (with no animal products AT ALL) to the increasingly popular high-protein diets loaded with meat, dairy, and more.


What’s the problem with Extreme diets?

  • They can be difficult to stick with.
  • Every diet does not work for every person.
  • Many people are simply not interested in eliminating entire food groups from their diet.


On top of that, each end of the Extreme spectrum has its own set of experts: MDs, PhDs, RDs and other bright people. Claiming to have all the answers, they cite numerous studies that support their beliefs. The problem is, those studies contradict each other.


Nope, they can’t all be right.


The fact is, nutrition science is still in its infancy. That means experts (and those who follow them) don’t know definitively which diet is best. However, most experts do agree on this:

The Standard American Diet full of processed foods loaded with excess sugar, fat, and salt kills people!

Because of its prevalence, the Standard American Diet has led to increased chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It’s a nutritional nightmare.

Waking up from this nightmare requires finding ways to prevent these diseases. The good news? You can adopt The Vail Diet.

In a nutshell, The Vail Diet guides you to make smarter choices by eating nutrient-dense, high-quality food, by moving your body, by heeding you habitat and by finding your bliss.


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