Do You Suffer From Migraines?

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Did you know June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month?


What a perfect time to introduce you to my friend Stephanie Weaver’s new book, The Migraine Relief Plan.


Over 38 million Americans suffer from migraines. If this statistic includes you or someone you care about, you know how debilitating they can be.


Stephanie knows. She describes what it’s like to vomit publicly from migraine pain, to not know before any flight whether or not she will get sick, to have the car feel like it’s spinning while she’s riding in it, and to have to hide in her house on bright, sunny days for fear they will trigger an attack (not easy when you live in San Diego!).


Many people like Stephanie have suffered for years or even decades. Any many have seen doctor after doctor, receiving different drugs and dietary advice from each one. Yet they still find themselves with frequent migraines.


This describes Stephanie’s journey as she navigated her way through the medical system in search of answers for her migraines and vertigo (the symptoms of migraines, vertigo and Meniere’s disease all overlap). Several years ago, she decided to put her degree in nutrition education and health coach training to work in creating a plan to help herself and others. Her research included reading dozens of books and hundreds of medical studies.


The result of her hard work and extensive research, The Migraine Relief Plan, is your comprehensive guide to identifying and eliminating common migraine triggers. It’s also friendly to vegan, vegetarian and Paleo lifestyles. The Plan is not a ‘cure’ and it’s definitely not a quick fix. Like anything worthwhile, it takes dedication and time but the results are so worth it.


The Plan begins with an 8-week introductory period, during which Stephanie lays out everything you need to succeed, including:


  • Making over your mindset and habits,
  • Setting your environment up for success,
  • Cleaning out your pantry and fridge,
  • Making over your meals, and
  • Eating out!


After the initial eight weeks, she walks you through what you need to succeed for the next six months and beyond.


Last but not least, there are over 75 delicious migraine-friendly recipes!


If you or someone you care about suffers from migraines, this book is for you. You can find The Migraine Relief Plan here.



Informed. Empowered. FIERCE.






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