Dig Your Dry Brush

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t_hDid you know that your skin, as your body’s largest organ, is responsible for one quarter of your natural detoxification each day?


In fact, one to two pounds of waste is eliminated through your skin every single day. The skin is so crucial to your body’s detoxification process, it’s often referred to as the “second kidney.”


To be clear, there are no studies specifically linking dry brushing to reduction in breast cancer. However, many in the natural health field believe the elimination of toxins from the body is crucial in preventing and treating disease, including breast cancer. This method has been used for centuries as a natural remedy in Scandinavia, Russia, and other parts of Europe, and is still common in European spas.


In addition to detoxification, you can enjoy the oodles of benefits that come with dry brushing. It:


    • Increases circulation,
    • Tones muscles,
    • Helps digestion,
    • Tones the skin and may reduce the appearance of cellulite,
    • Eliminates dead skin cells and opens clogged pores,
    • Improves nervous system functioning, and
    • Stimulates internal organs through blood flow.


Want to give dry brushing a try? This process can take from one or two minutes up to 10 minutes. Follow these tips and your skin will be smooth and silky in no time:


    • Make sure the brush and skin are dry.
    • Use a brush with soft, natural bristles. No plastic or other synthetic brushes or loofas allowed!
    • Start softly and increase pressure as your body gets accustomed to the process. Your skin should be pink or flushed when finished, not scratched, irritated, or in pain.
    • Don’t brush over any wounds, skin irritations, rashes, etc.
    • Brush in straight motions going toward your heart. The only exceptions are your back and belly. Brush downward from your shoulders to your lower back and use a clockwise circular motion on your belly.
    • Don’t use a brush on your face; instead, use a dry washcloth.
    • Avoid dry brushing your breasts.
    • Clean the brush with soap and water often.


Take a shower after dry brushing, and if you can tolerate it, alternate hot and cold water in the shower to further increase blood circulation. After showering, towel dry and finish with a natural, chemical-free moisturizer or oil. (Coconut oil feels wonderful after dry brushing.)


This ritual will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed in no time!


Informed. Empowered. FIERCE.



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3 thoughts on “Dig Your Dry Brush

  1. Annette Boehning

    Hi Kris. I just read about dry brushing. I was wondering where I could buy a brush like that. Thank you.

    Annette Boehning

    1. Kris Sampson Post author

      Hi Annette, You can get a really nice, natural bristle dry brush at a store like Whole Foods. If you don’t live near one, try Amazon. Look for natural boar bristle and try to stay away from anything plastic. Here’s one that looks good and is really inexpensive –


      If you’d like a longer handle, I’m sure you can find one on Amazon.